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Blood Brothers Movie

Jose Prendes Writer / Director

Jose Prendes was lured to the beautiful world of make-believe from an early age. He dove headlong into film studies and in 2000 graduated with an Associates Degree in Film from the International Fine Arts College in Miami. His first feature film, The Monster Man, managed to receive worldwide distribution in 2002, and whet Jose’s appetite for bigger and better. In 2003 Jose wrote, directed, starred and produced Corpses Are Forever. This bigger budgeted, shot on 35mm feature was a zombie/spy movie hybrid and it received worldwide distribution through Asylum Entertainment, the makers of Sharknado. After moving to Los Angeles with his wife Jessica and their new baby daughter, Abby, Jose went to work for the Asylum as a screenwriter. Jose went on to write seven films for Asylum including the hit Mega-Shark Vs. Mecha-Shark and directing his third film, the well received haunted house chiller The Haunting Of Whaley House. Blood Brothers starring Barbara Crampton and Ken Foree is Jose’s forth film. Since then, Jose has written the first novel of what he calls the Sharkpocalypse Trilogy, Sharcano. The hope is to do for sharks what Max Brooks did for zombies. He is currently working on a mockumentary titled Unspeakable Horrors: The Plan 9 Conspiracy with Joe Dante, Mick Garris, Fred Olen Ray, William Lustig, & many other genre luminaries involved.

Jon Kondelik Producer

Jon Kondelik first met Writer/Director Jose Prendes on his film The Haunting of Whaley House in 2012. Since then, Jon has acted in various other films, Written and Directed with his twin brother James on the films: Airplane vs. Volcano, Dam Sharks! and their latest—a haunting seen from BEHIND THE WALLS will be released in 2017. Recently, Jon produced a promo for Sony’s Don’t Breathe and CryptTV. Jon and James started their own production/sales company, Dual Visions, where they specialize in producing/representing feature films and online content with Blood Brothers being their first film they’ve produced.

Michael John Mollo Composer

Michael John Mollo is a composer and music supervisor in Santa Monica, CA. He oversees global operations for Velvet Green Music in-between scoring films, television and playing classic Nintendo games with his two daughters.

Kalie Acheson Production Designer

Dual Visions, A Kondelik Brothers Company Producer

Dual Visions, LLC is a film production and sales company based in the Los Angeles, CA area created by partners and twin brothers, Jon Kondelik and James Kondelik. At Dual Visions, LLC, our brand of film is escapism: creating an experience filled with visions of your wildest dreams that leaves the viewer with no other thought than, “WOW”.

James Kondelik Producer / Editor

Kyle Stryker Cinematographer

With unlimited access to HBO and Cinemax due to his father’s job at a cable company, Kyle spent the majority of his youth watching movies. Aspiring to create his own films, he used his parents VHS camera to make war dramas using his father’s military collectibles and war relics, and fireworks for special effects. He drew inspiration, then and now, from his grandfather, a actor, painter, independent filmmaker, and member of the Academy. After winning a couple of contests for photography in high school, Kyle realized there was a chance to make a career out of the pastime he was so passionate about. He decided to attend the filmmaking program at Full Sail University. After graduating and moving to Los Angeles, Kyle worked as a union Camera Assistant on a variety of television and film projects. Much of his body of work as an Operator and Director of Photography has been in the challenging world of documentary style reality television, including Director of Photography on an adventure and exploration show "Off Limits" for the Travel Channel, taking him from the soaring heights of the Bay Bridge to giant cavernous underground fallout shelters. These varied experiences lend him the ability to think creatively on his feet, and capture an environment and action in a unique and engaging manner. When he isn't traveling the continent working on a variety of network television projects, Kyle prefers to spend time on music videos, abstract and narrative films. He especially enjoys collaborating with other filmmakers, challenging himself creatively, and allowing his vision to enhance the overall immersive experience of stories on film, and to ensure that a director’s vision comes to light.